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Vocal Demo Tracks

All files are in mp3 format. Streaming audio requires the Real Player from Real Networks.
Lead Vocals
To Love You More [stream] [download]
Killing Me Softly (live) [stream] [download]
NEWSouthwest Showcase Magazine [stream] [download]
Backup Vocals
The Worry Of The Lion's Share (clip) [stream] [download]
Indian Summer (clip) [stream] [download]
The Shadow Left By The Moon (clip) [stream] [download]
Midnight Locomotion (clip) [stream] [download]
When The Wind Comes Down (clip) [stream] [download]
Santiagos Tacos Jingle (clip) [stream] [download]

Note: The excerpted song clips are from Ross Rademacher's album, Solitary Stride, which is featured in its entirety at this link: Ross Rademacher - Solitary Stride. The non-live material was recorded at Dead Chicken Studios.

April Thomas